Which of the following pop songs featured on former Bank of England Governor Mervyn King's desert island discs?

By how many billions of pounds did Paul Flowers, the Co-op Bank’s former chairman, incorrectly estimate its assets when he gave evidence to the Treasury Select Committee?

Which asset class rose more than 70pc in value over 2013?

Which company announced plans to use drones to deliver goods to customers?

It was clear that US clothing company Lululemon was in trouble with its yoga pants in March. But why did it have to recall some of the exercise apparel?

In February which rating agency became the first to strip the UK of its prized AAA rating?

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Which of these High Street chains was the first to call in the administrators last January?

Which budget supermarket’s Christmas TV advertisement has been watched the fewest times on YouTube?

From which restaurant did George Osborne buy the burger he ate while putting the "final touches" on June's Spending Review?

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The US Federal Reserve announced in December that it would scale its massive asset purchase programme from January. By how much will it taper?

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Royal Mail entered the FTSE 100 two days before Christmas with a share price of 591p. But what price was the Royal Mail floated at?

Who of the following did NOT offer to loan Cyprus money during its debt crisis in March?

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Why did shares in an obscure - and bankrupt - US consumer electronics company soar by 1,800pc in October?

What did Starbucks pledge to do to calm public outrage at its low UK corporation tax contributions?

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Which of these eco-friendly companies was not endorsed by Diana Fox Carney, the wife of Bank of England Governor Mark Carney, on her Eco Products That Work blog?

diana carney 2410587a

What has Ryanair boss Michael O’Leary said he will stop doing?

Which religious leader vowed to "compete payday lenders out of existence"?

Who said: "Some day, I don't know how many years in the future - it could be decades - but I think printed newspapers on actual paper may be a luxury item. People still have horses but it's not their primary way of commuting to the office."

How much did BT Sport pay to secure the Champions League and Europa League football rights for three years?

Britain will make £45m a year exporting which good to China, following David Cameron's trade visit to the country?

Which female role model did Mark Carney say is “quietly waiting in the wings” to grace the £10 note, after a row over the lack of female representation?

Which ailing economy announced in March that it hoped to open the world’s first Bitcoin ATM?

Energy companies from which country are NOT involved in building the UK's first new nuclear power plant in a generation?

nuclear 1950544a

Who of the following was NOT one of the FTSE 100 female chief executives in 2013?

Which London airport was completely ruled out of Sir Howard Davies' proposals for increasing the UK's airport capacity?

Which of the following companies did NOT make its stock market debut this year?

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Which financial institution was handed the largest fine this year by the FCA, of £137,610,000?

Which US company was taken private by Warren Buffet this year?

warren buffett 1459450a

According to latest economic revisions, what kind of recession did the UK have after the financial crisis?

How many female FTSE 100 chief executives were in post at the start of 2013, and how many are there at the year’s end?

Which controversial finance chief made a return to banking by helping to launch a Swiss-backed bank in South Sudan, the world’s fastest-growing nation?

Who was named Business Leader of the Year at the National Business Awards after (or despite) describing themselves as a “Landa”: able to roar like a lion and hug like panda?

After missing out on the top job at the Bank of England, what did deputy governor Paul Tucker decide to do?

Which colour did WPP boss Sir Martin Sorrell joke that the merger of his rivals, Publicis and Omnicom, would create?

Which of these FTSE executives announced they would be leaving after just 10 weeks

Which energy supplier decided to hold a Twitter Q&A session with customers on the day it raised prices by 10pc?

Before departing, which chief executive defended their hairstyle in an interview with Management Today, saying: “My hair has always been varying length. I’ve had it much shorter in the past, although not much longer. It definitely wasn’t a mullet”?